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EXPAND People:
Carl S. – Drums/Vox

Jörn M. – Bass/Noises/Vox
Marko B. – Guitar/Vox


EXPAND Albums / EPs :
1998 Testphase / 4-Track-EP CD
2013 Expand / Full-Length-Album /CD, Download, Stream
2017 Circles & Chains / Full-Length-Album / CD, Vinyl, Download, Stream

EXPAND Demos / Compilations:
1991 Megabyte Sessions/MC
1993 Vicious Circle/MC
1994 LSD Sessions/MC
2013 A Chance For Metal (Sampler, D) – Everytime I´m Falling (Expand)/CD
2014 Radio Hits Vol. 8 (Sampler, SL,CZ,H,D) – Unemotional (Expand)/CD
2017 The Fuzz Heavy Podcast (Sampler, USA) – Independence (Circles & Chains)/Download, Stream


EXPAND – It‘s not only a name of a band – it‘s their story.
Northern Germany, Bremervörde, 1991. A group of students gets together for a school project titled „America“. Quickly, three guys come up with the unconventional idea to form a typical American punkband.

Inspired by the Ramones, Bad Religion and the
Dead Kennedys the students manage to convince their school director of their enterprise. No sooner said than done. The final presentation of their songs in the auditorium – a thriumphal procession. A demo is produced. The song „Megabyte“ is an immediate local hit. Word gets around like wildfire – the first gigs are sold out.
Due to their impressive sound and the dynamic performance the emerging band is soon celebrated in local newspapers and gains more and more fans.

When the first interviewer asks for the band‘s name, the print on the guitarists‘ t-shirt comes in handy to answer the question. „EXPAND“ is born. „Post-Stoner-Grunge“ is the
answer to the question about the name of their their headstrong, powerful musical style with its straight beats and melodic vocals. Determined to develop their style, the band produces a second demo called „Vicious
Circle“. And again EXPAND succeeds. The band‘s reputation spreads beyond local barriers. Cities like Bremen, Hamburg and Mainz appear on the band‘s tour schedule.
And this is what it‘s all about for the band: playing live to the audience.
After more and more gigs and another EP (1998) the band decides to have a creative break. Finally, in May 2005, Expand are back again – and an even better version of themselves with new songs, honed sound and advanced songwriting. Powerful guitar riffs, sagging halftime-beats and punchy bass-lines are the trademarks that EXPAND present on the „Individual Revenge Tour 2008“.

The tour also features a new line up: Marko Breitkreutz
(guitar/vocals), Michael Quandt (drums) and Jörn Möhring (bass/vocals/effects). The tour is so successful that the bands decides to record their first real longplayer.
EXPAND manage to win over Markus Geiger as a producer and Olman Viper who worked for german major Act „Jupiter Jones“ in the past.
They entered Hamburgs legendary recording studio „Rekorder“ to intensively work on the bands biggest goal so
far. After ten months of fiddling with details and honing skills their self-titled debut album „Expand“ is going to be released on March 15th, 2013. EXPAND took local barriers.
EXPAND took national barriers. Will we hear about them beyond those barriers? Yes, we will.

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