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I started playing with those guys in late 2006 after having first expressions with the later lineup of NECKSHOT. Tim, Lars and me tried to fit together and started a new project now known as NUAURA. Gado was at the beginning a part of the band and was to left the crowd due to differences in music and some other stuff nobody knows anymore today. With Hauke we finally completed the band and started to record demos. A first local successfull EP and the two years later debut BLEEDING with all lyrics written by me via Abandon Records was the start and the beginning of the end of the band. Missing , sorry I have to correct, no support in any subjects of the record company stucked ourselves into a deep hole. A dark time for the band which finally ends up in a split with AR, Hauke and Garvin. NUAURA quits playing new music nearly for a decade. In 2019 I was called back for sessions. It seems to start again, now with Tom on bass and the return of Gado. At least, it didn´t work again. Nothing has changed, I´m sorry to say that. Sadly there were more important things to do in other bands than in NUAURA. We recorded demos for a few new songs which hopefully should be released in 2021. We´ll see, everthing can happen. A band is often more than a community of musicicans than something like a marriage. And we are to hold on this kind of connection. No chance to quit.




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